Angela Hanlin

District Administrator, School District of Thorp

About this speaker

Angie Hanlin is a dedicated and passionate leader for change in schools and classrooms. She currently serves as the superintendent at the School District of Thorp in Thorp, Wisconsin where she works tirelessly to positively transform teacher practice and student achievement. She bases her career on the belief that ALL students can learn and perform at high levels of achievement when they are given highly engaging, research-based instructional practices and targeted, specific interventions. She creates a growth mindset among her students, staff, and community and uses character education to shape and sustain a positive culture of collaboration and growth that is focused on learning. 

Angie has over 25 years of experience in education where she has served in the roles of classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, instructional coach, professional development coordinator where she worked to train and coach teachers on effective instructional practices and strategies, and as a building principal at Matthews Elementary in the New Madrid County R-1 School District. She has received numerous awards for her performance in the classroom and as a school leader and has found a new passion for working with building leaders to promote systems to improve literacy for all students. The Matthews Elementary staff was able to dramatically transform their school and reach proficiency levels of 95%!! 

Angie received the 2019-2020 Outstanding Rural Administrator Award from MARE (Missouri Association of Rural Educators). She is now on a journey of literacy improvement, systems & structure work, and school district transformation with the amazing staff, students and community members at the School District of Thorp. 


The Truth About Reading Panel

24 June 2024, 12:00 AM
Donna Hejtmanek Julie Vanlier Faith Borkowsky Angela Hanlin