Erin Duncan

Program Developer and CEO, Phono-Graphix Reading Company

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Erin Duncan, CEO of the Phono-Graphix Reading Company and owner and director of the Read America Clinic, is a linguist, writer and veteran reading therapist with over thirty years of clinical reading remediation experience. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree, with honors and Phi Beta Kappa, in Language Studies and a master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of California. 

In her drive to put literacy within everyoneʼs reach, she has taught thousands of clinical hours to students of all ages and challenges, managed classroom literacy instruction and reading assistance projects, and has trained hundreds of teachers, specialists and parents from around the English-speaking world in Phono-Graphix, the revolutionary method built from and proven by the science. 

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Phono-Graphix - the scientific reformation of reading instruction

24 June 2024, 05:15 PM
Erin Duncan