Dr. Marnie Ginsberg

Founder, Reading Simplified

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Marnie Ginsberg, Founder of Reading Simplified, is a reading difficulties detective who streamlines the science and art of reading instruction so teachers can rapidly learn effective techniques that help students accelerate to grade level and beyond. She also helps translate the latest understandings from science into practical, easy-to-implement activities.

In the late 1990s, Marnie uncovered that her 6th-grade language arts students, on average, were reading 2 years below grade level. And despite her master’s degree and enthusiasm, she had no idea how to remediate their word-reading difficulties.

After eventually finding solutions for her struggling readers, she led the development of the Targeted Reading Intervention at the University of North Carolina. Across 15+ years, multiple research articles have demonstrated that struggling K-2 readers grow significantly in reading with the Targeted Reading Intervention (TRI), which is on the federal What Works Clearinghouse and is endorsed by many organizations such as Evidence for ESSA and RAND Corporation’s Promising Practices Network. Given the repeated, strong results of the TRI across multiple clinical trials, Dr. Ginsberg expanded the resources and adapted the professional learning approach to provide Reading Simplified for a broader audience beginning in 2013.

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