Nora Chahbazi

Founder, EBLI

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As a leading literacy expert, Nora has spent more than 25 years revolutionizing reading instruction. She has provided EBLI training, coaching, and support to thousands of educators worldwide and taught EBLI to countless learners of all ages and ability levels. 

Nora is a featured speaker across the nation and has collaborated extensively with groups, organizations, and stake holders focused on implementing research-aligned instructional practices and taking meaningful action toward the goal of high-level literacy for all. 

She was the literacy consultant for the documentary The Truth About Reading. Nora has been featured in multiple TV, radio, and documentary interviews and podcasts including Emily Hanford’s Sold a Story podcast and At a Loss for Words radio documentary, the PBS Building the Reading Brain documentary, and on Oprah Radio (where she was interviewed by Maya Angelou). 

Nora is dedicated to the mission of teaching the world to read.

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Free Screening: "The Truth about Reading"

23 June 2024, 06:00 PM
Nora Chahbazi

Free Screening: "The Truth about Reading"

23 June 2024, 11:00 PM
Nora Chahbazi

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