Nicki Prati

Getting Your Bearings

A Talk by Nicki Prati (Tutor, Founder of S2P/SLL/Linguistic Phonics Exploration group)

About this Talk

After more than 4 years of commitment to Structured Literacy research and programs and little progress, I took a step back to consider whether there was "another way" to teach my child to read.

I reflected on patterns that rose in importance: starting with the act of spelling words was easier, creating categories of sound was easier and minimizing language was always easier. As a result of hunting and gathering for compatible resources, I uncovered the world of Linguistic Phonics that I'd never been exposed to in all my years of searching and finally understood its significance in the world of Literacy as a whole.

I created a facebook page to stitch together resources and get my bearings, added 3 friends. Within months, I had a "reader" at home and after two years we now have almost 9k folks curious to learn more about the history of Linguistic Phonics and Structured Linguistic Literacy's speech to print approach to literacy.

26 June 2024, 06:00 PM

06:00 PM - 06:55 PM

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Nicki Prati

Nicki Prati

Tutor, Founder of S2P/SLL/Linguistic Phonics Exploration group