Miriam Fein

How “Different” is this “Different” Approach to Teaching Phonics?

A Talk by Miriam Fein (Speech-Language Pathologist)

About this Talk

Broadly defined, phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds in our writing system.There is variability in multiple aspects of the way phonics can be taught, and various programs and methods may overlap or diverge. Which differences matter? Which ones are negligible, and which ones are meaningful and important? How do we know? Specifically, what are the key characteristics of programs often said to fall under the umbrella of Structured Linguistic Literacy, Linguistic Phonics, or Speech-to-Print? This presentation will explore these questions and present information to guide our professional discussions and inform our choices.

24 June 2024, 03:00 PM

03:00 PM - 03:55 PM

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Miriam Fein

Miriam Fein

Speech-Language Pathologist